We believe in pilots

Every flight hour is part of the journey.

Building flight time required by companies to be qualified for consideration is an enormous and daunting task.

Here at Commercial Pilot in Command, we understand the struggle because we have lived it.

We exist to implement focus of our knowledge and expertise on serving commercial pilots from 250 to 1500 hours.

It is our mission to provide pilots with cost effective and time efficient means to build real careers, and real experience for the best possible chance of getting interviewed and hired.

Our goal is to help pilots significantly reduce their frustration as they face the industry-generated flight hour milestones in their logbooks.


🛩Pilots are our obsession. Every pilot's career matters 🛩

🛩A pilot’s career path isn’t linear, and doesn’t need to be pretty 🛩

🛩The time a pilot spends in General Aviation is a crucial part of their journey, and of ours 🛩

🛩The relationship between pilot and airplane is monumental 🛩

🛩The journey to building hours is far more valuable than the destination 🛩